In the business world, the professional reputation and rise of economic value is related to how much you have global awareness and strong connections. Hazar has proven its strength in many markets around the world. It is a multi-generational family company that offers innovative and value-based solutions in today’s dynamic environment.

With its forty years of commercial background, Hazar is using its gained credibility and experience in the field of import & export, for entrepreneurs who demand solution partnership. It has also become a bridge of a global network, focusing on important sectors that direct world trade such as petrochemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals and food.

In terms of brokerage and commercial partnership, Hazar is actively at the center of your trade with the services it provides. Hazar helps you to adapt to the market quickly and take advantage of opportunities.

With the ability to create the right solutions at the right time, it is a good partner in carrying business partners to long-term success. Its goal is to create a win-win situation for the added values it provides.



İhtiyaçlarınıza yönelik çok sayıda farklı ticaret yolunu kapsayan lojistik ağımızı İstanbul merkezimizden yöneterek coğrafi konum avantajlarımızı sizlere maksimum fayda sağlayacak
şekilde kullanıyoruz.


In addition to the Sales Marketing, Finance and Logistics services you receive from us, it covers our additional services that you can get when you need them. We are at your side with all of our office services, establishing a company and expanding your team with the right professionals.


Our service and goal are to provide you a profitable commercial environment with the use of our strong commercial infrastructure, as well as our long-term supplier and customer relations that we have developed in the country and world markets.


We have a direct positive effect on your business production through our safe use of your capital and our strong reputation and experiences where government or bank support is required.